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Often parents are looking for ideas to get their boys to read.  On this page are some suggestions of things which can help.

  • Readers grow readers.  Modelling reading is a great way to show your kids that reading is important, valued in your home and something that adults do.  Families who have books in their homes have children with better reading.
  •  Go to libraries with your kids, even when they are teenagers.  Allow time for the serendipitous moment when a book finds your boy.  Do not rush them.  Imagine if you were hassled while you browsed, would you have a good experience? If libraries are a tradition in your family it makes it far more likely that books will be in your home and that your child is a reader.
  • Be involved in your son's reading, taking an interest and buy them books as presents. Every birthday should come with a book.  A book that someone knowledgeable helped pick.  I am happy to give this kind of advice, phone me on 455 7547, or email
  • Boys love series books.  It has been proven over and over again.  Buy your son the first book in a popular series and they will be driven to continue reading.  The Wimpy Kid, The Rangers Apprentice, Percy Jackson or the Cherub series are a great place to start if your boy is starting secondary school and has not yet discovered his inner reader.  After these I can find heaps more fantastic books for him to carry on with.
  • Get hold of books associated with the programmes your boy watches on TV or watches on Netflix or Lightbox or Neon or whatever he watches.  Popular series like Top Gear, Bones, Manga series.  Movies like the Hunger Games, Wimpy Kid, Bourne series, I am Number 4, Stormbreaker, Inkheart, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Tattoo (for older teens), Lee Child.  Popular books are often turned into movies, seize the moment.
Don't judge your boy's books. Even if you think it is too hard or two easy it doesn't matter. You want them processing text and connecting reading with an enjoyable experience.  Do not force them to read the books you read when you were a kid.  Seriously.  You can do that later when they have read the things that are cool for them today.  Our library is not your parents library, that is a good thing. Your boy is not you.  Things change.  Sometimes the classics work, sometimes they don't. Accept that reading changes with the times just like everything else.

Remember you can come and talk to me.  I'm happy to talk books, strategies and about anything book related.

Here are some links which might help you.  Links to popular places to look for books for boys are also on the sidebar of this blog.

Read Kiddo Read James Pattersons project to get all kids (especially boys) to read 
The Book Zone For Boys  Find new titles with boy readers in mind.
Igniting a passion for reading. At 200 odd pages this is a big read but very worthwhile.
Teen Reads  Reviews, interviews, information and so much more.
Books 4 Boys  Penguin publishing's boy section

Places for the book lovers - if your boy loves to read send him to these websites
Reading Rants - reviews of the latest teen books
Inside a dog Fantastic Australian website for current Young Adult readers
Fantastic Fiction - UK site, used all over the world by fans of fiction
Bridget Schaumann
King's High School


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