Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Sky So Heavy by Claire Zorn

What starts as an ordinary Sydney school day for Fin soon becomes a day never to be forgotten. He sits in school taking part in the banter and enjoying class with his favourite teacher, getting involved in the argy bargy of the bus trip home and talking to the girl he is keen on.  Meanwhile in a country not too far from his own, nuclear bombs have been released and this will change everything for Fin and his little brother Max and everyone they know and indeed everyone in the world. The temperature plummets as ash fills the sky and as food in the shops becomes scarce and people start to become aggressive and paranoid and then sick, life is getting very scary. Once warm, Sydney is now cold and grim. Fin is looking after his little brother and frantically worried about his parents.

This is a brilliant book about resilience and personal strength.  A book which feels very plausible and the characters are written very well, you feel that you know them.  The story of these boys coping alone, dealing with neighbours in trauma and the ongoing struggle to keep themselves fed and warm is a true survival story.  Eventually they will be forced to take action and team up with others and that will come with it's own set of challenges.
Below is a video review from an Australian book reviewer which is very cool.


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