Thursday, September 15, 2016

BookGangers meet Justin Cronin

Here at King's The Passage by Justin Cronin is one of our 'bestsellers' we have lots of copies and still there is a waiting list to get hold of it.  It is super scary and has great characters and even though it is an enormous book lots of people become really caught up in the series.  All in all it is a great book and it is read by students in year 9 all the way through to those in year 13 - and staff too!

Last night some of the BookGang had the opportunity to go and meet the author of this series when he gave an author talk at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, this opportunity was provided by The Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival.

Here are some photos of our students getting books signed and meeting the author.  He was great fun, there were lots of laughs and he had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. If you get the chance to meet the author of a book you enjoy, we think it is a great opportunity. You get the inside info on what they were thinking when they were writing the book, you also sometimes get a different take on a book you've liked.  Everyone takes something different from a book and the chance to meet other people who have loved a book you've loved, and to hear about the authors experiences are something special.

Baidin, Spiro and Keelin with Justin Cronin
Keelin gets his book signed by the author, and slides his hand gently towards the mints!  Many mints were harmed!

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