Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Marvels by Brian Selznick

Another beautiful world, like our own but with the wonderful Selznick twist. The absolutely gorgeous look and feel of this enormous art filled book is something to behold, it has gold edged pages and feels beautiful in your hands.  Anybody who loves to draw will enjoy this book from multiple points of view, those who can't draw will be full of admiration for the skill of the author/artist. I love the way he zooms in on his drawings, the distant view becoming more and more concentrated as you realise where his focus lies. Every time you look at a page you see more detail. The picture story fills the first half of the book, then you come to the written story which is also great, nicely tied to the pictures and really a continuation of the story from a different point of view.   This is a lovely book, and the fact that he bases his stories on real lives is always interesting, makes you want to follow up and find out more.

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