Friday, April 24, 2015

Mobile Library by David Whitehouse

If you are a fan of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and books of a quirky nature, then Mobile Library might be the next book you fall in love with. In the book you will meet Bobby Nusuku, who is bullied at school and around his neighborhood and who only has one friend.  Bobby's mum has died and his dad has a new girlfriend, and Bobby is in their way.  In fact they are downright mean to him.  One day Bobby meets a kind woman called Val and her daughter Rosa, they have the keys to a Mobile Library and within it's walls Bobby discovers the power of books. As Bobbies life becomes more and more difficult, and his best friend's quest to become a cyborg to protect Bobby proves to be more complicated than they had thought, Val, Rosa and Bobby take off in the Mobile Library. They are on the run. Hiding out from the police who believe that Bobby has been kidnapped and not without reason. A police chase across Britain begins, these unlikely fugitives will meet all kinds of interesting people, will find love in unexpected places, will become involved in a quest and ultimately will have the time of their lives.

This is such fun, but it is also sad and moving and very easy to read. The story races along with no dull moments at all. Highly recommended.

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