Sunday, March 15, 2015

Threatened by Eliot Schrefer

This book is a winner for boys who like to read something which is a little different, which has a setting which takes you out of your comfort zone and transports you to another unexplored place.  It is a beautiful story of a young boy, orphaned by AIDS, trapped in a world where he is indebted to a money lender to pay back the debt of a hospital bill caused by his Mum dying of AIDS. A horrible situation, a terrible life, not enough to eat, fighting to survive and living in squalor with a bunch of other children in similar circumstances. Then an interesting man turns up, convinces him to head into the jungle to help him study chimpanzees. What follows is the most beautiful story of bonding with animals that I've read in years. Such a lot going on, the behaviour of the creatures, the relationship between the boy and the professor, intruders, hunters, predators and all manner of danger which definitely includes the chimpanzees. A gem of a book. If you are sick of dystopia try this one.

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