Friday, September 12, 2014

Singing Home The Whale by Mandy Hager

This is a book to give you the feels!  You will meet Will Jackson, he is staying with his uncle in the sounds, in a small town where everyone knows everyone's business. His uncle is a kind man, but he is busy working and Will just needs to get on with things, doing his school work by correspondence and keeping a low profile while he recovers from a trauma which has left his with headaches and panic attacks.  Will discovers a young whale hiding out in the bay and the two lonely souls, Will and the orca whom he names Min form a strong bond. Will is a singer and Min seems to be soothed and somehow to be connecting with him through the songs he sings.  But Min must be kept secret, it is against the law to swim with or become close to these whales, when the local salmon farmer finds out that Min is around, and some of his fish pens are damaged, he is out for blood and reports Will to the local fisheries officer who is now also after Will.  Min's blood and Will must protect his new found orca friend at any cost.

This is a book with lots going on.  A story with lots of layers.  Will's friends and enemies, the people of the town some of whom want to help Will, some who want to harm Min.  So, there is Will's trauma, there is a lovely girl, there is a damaged boy who has been abused and who gradually becomes Will's friend and supporter.  Lots of story and plenty to keep you turning the pages.  I loved the characters and I became completely involved in what was happening to them.  Read this book for a great big story which will make you cry, laugh and for the experience of reading something really special. Highly recommended for everyone.


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