Thursday, August 21, 2014

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

This book is addictive.  You start it, and before you know it, you can do little else but read to the end.  The story is very unusual, and the structure is really interesting, but because it is a mystery I can't reveal too much of the plot, you'll have to read it for yourselves.  The story concerns a bunch of teenagers, wealthy teenagers, who holiday with their Grandfather and aunties every summer on their private island.  It is totally idyllic but there are tensions, unspoken complications. The main character in the story, Cadence, is telling you the story of their summer when it all went wrong with her family, with her cousins and with Gat a friend of one of her cousins, but you'll have quite a journey to get there, clues are dripped out about what happened, you know that tragedy occurred but until the end you aren't sure what it was and how it happened.  You know it happened the summer Cadence was 15, and you know that from that point she is suffering crippling migraines.  When she finally returns to the island, she slowly begins remembering the events of what happened in the 15th summer and what happened that changed everything.

This book will have appeal to all the John Green fans, but it does have a different feel, it is a suspense novel, the kind of book where you will have a 'big reveal' moment and finally understand the clues that have been coming all the way through the book.  Have a look at the Tumblr for the book  You can start reading it here!  We have two copies in the library, because this is going to be HUGE!


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