Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival - Teen events

The Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival is on next weekend the 9 and 10th May.  It is a major event for the city and the people organising the festival (of which I am one) have arranged some events for you guys.

Murder in the Bookshop!
Come along to the University Book Shop on Friday night at 8pm and solve a murder crime.  Write it up and submit it to our illustrious judges to win a prize.  You will meet two of Dunedin's most famous writers.  Vanda Symon who writes crime novels which are clever, keep you guessing and which are loved by crime readers around the world.  You will also meet Ella West who has written a dystopian series and has a new crime novel out for teenagers called Night Vision.  These two writers and a team of helpers will help you with the writing while you figure out the clues to solve the mystery of who murdered the victim.  See Ms Schaumann for more details.  Or look on the website for prices and booking information.  UBS, 8 - 9.30 pm, $25.00

Young Adult Writers Panel
Come and meet Melinda Szymanik and Sandy McKay, both well known authors of books for young people.  They have both written books about war this year, and even more interesting the books they have written have connections to their families.  Melinda's book A Winters Day in 1939 is a book about surviving the second world war as a displaced Polish person being moved around the country in the most horrible conditions and being used as slave labour for the troops.  Sandy's book When Our Jack Went To War is the story of two brothers, one who is off fighting at the front during the first world war and the younger brother who is at home looking after his Mum and becoming frustrated that he can't go, until the experiences of his brother make him realise that war is not all glory.  Both books are great!  Highly recommended reading.  Come and hear the authors talk about writing, how to get started writing and how to get finished and published.  Saturday 10 May, in the Dunningham Room at the Public Library, 11.30 - 12.45, $18
Come and see Ms Schaumann and she may have a free ticket for you to this event.

Write You Are
A workshop with the fantastic Kate De Goldi.  There are very limited tickets available for this event.  Come and learn how to develop your writing style, learn techniques for improving how you write creatively and meet one of New Zealands most respected writers and broadcasters.  Kate De Goldi is often to be heard on Kim Hills Saturday morning radio programme on National Radio, she teaches writing at various festivals and venues around the country regularly.  One of the most respected voices of literature in New Zealand we are very excited to have her in our festival and King's is delighted to tell you that students from King's High School will have the opportunity to work with Kate on Friday next week at school.  Sunday 10am - 1pm, in the McNabb room at the public library. $30  (Tickets will sell quickly for this event, so get in quickly)

Knox @ Knox
Elizabeth Knox is most famous for her book The Vitners Luck, but she is also the author of the Dreamhunter series.  High fantasy and something that will take you on a trip of the imagination unlike any other.  Her latest book is Mortal Fire and promises to be a huge hit here at King's.  She also has a very recent horror novel which is a rival for anything Stephen King has written.  Come and listen to Elizabeth Knox talking about her writing at Knox Church, Sunday 11 May, 4 - 5 pm.


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