Friday, February 21, 2014

It is all go in the library for 2014

Hello and welcome to the first post for the year of 2014.

Classes are coming through all the time and books traveling in and out at speed.  BookGang has had two meetings, our first proper one was today at lunchtime.  We will be meeting regularly on Fridays at lunchtime in the library courtyard until the weather drives us inside.  Boys are welcome to bring their lunch.

Below are the first photos of 2014.  In the top one Connor and Ben who are in Year 13 have made a project of building the new library bookshelves.  These bookshelves will contain some of our really popular series books, freeing up shelf space for other books.

In the bottom photo you can see Hemiona, also of Year 13, who has discovered Manga.  He has never been a big fan of reading but in recent days he has become hooked on the library Manga stock and is reading them avidly.  He is not alone, heaps of boys are into these and the library will be adding to this collection this year.  If you have suggestions of Manga that we should get, please write them in the suggestions book on the counter.

Ben and Connor, student librarians make up our new library bookshelves

Hemiona is totally engrossed in this Manga series.

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