Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book reviewers wanted

The opportunity you have been waiting for!  Share your thoughts on the books you read, write a short - or long - review of a book you've read from the King's High School Library and you will receive a reward. 
Juniors or seniors we want reviews from you all.  If you are a BookGang member you are getting access to the new books before everyone else, why not tell everyone about the new cool books, but any book can qualify. 

If you write a review you can send it to and it will be put on the blog.  If you want to comment on a review which is already on this blog you can do that by yourself.  Just click the comment button at the bottom of each post, your comment will automagically be added.

Any questions?   Come and talk to us, Ms Schaumann or Gill, in the library.

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