Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tamati Ellison visits King's High

Tamati Ellison is an All Black and a member of the Highlanders team.  He visited King's High to speak to our students who are team captains of lots of different sports and he spoke to them in the library last week.  He spoke with passion and commitment and he encouraged the boys to make great decisions and he gave them a list of targets to use when they wanted to reach high levels in sport.  It goes like this:
  • See yourself as that person now
  • Set your grand dream goals
  • Find out what the first step you need to take is
  • Take action now
  • Write down all the things you dream of - fill a page with dreams
  • Test and measure your performance to see what you have to do to improve
  • Network - make contact with people who can help you
  • Follow through

This is great advice for anybody stiving to do well in anything whether it be sport or other types of goals.  The students who attended the two hour session really enjoyed it, they got a lot out of meeting Tamati and came away determined to work hard on their sporting goals. 

Tamati Ellison is a reader, he loves books and he was really keen to read some of the books we had in the library and particularly a book on Maori tattoo which was on a shelf near where he was speaking.  He told me he reads all the time - all kinds of books.  He highly recommends reading as a great way to fill time and get interested in lots of different things.  Awesome!


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