Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Boy With Two Heads by Andy Mulligan

Can you imagine how you would feel if you developed a growth on your neck, which just kept on growing and then growing some more, and eventually turned into a head.  An unexpected twin but sharing the same body as you!  It would be bizarre and weird and not only would you look odd you would have to put up with someone else being close to you at all times, being a different personality to you and wanting very different things to you and yet sharing your clothes, your food - well everything with you.  This is what happens to Richard in this book.  His life is taken over by an unwelcome brother who sprouts from his neck.  His parents are shocked.  His doctors are amazed.  Richard himself is not overly impressed either.

This book is sometimes funny, has lots of action which includes evil doctors, dodgy football and a bunch of friends who stick with Richard through all his hard times, and lets face it it would be a tough thing to deal with, the whole 'you've got two heads' phenomenon!

It is just out, a brand new book.  I recommend it for those who like a book with a really different storyline and lots of great characters who you will be able to relate to.  A great read!  If you want you can find out more here.


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