Thursday, April 18, 2013

Classics for the Classics Class

Pictured is Mr Nathan Tane, guitar virtuoso extraordinaire.  Mr Tane is our Maori and Music teacher and he is also a highly awarded classical guitarist.  Yesterday Mr Tane gave his annual concert in the library for the students of Classics. Prior to the concert Mr Frost spoke of Mr Tane and mentioned to the students how in life we make assumptions about people based on what we know of them, and many of them would only have known Mr Tane as a Maori and Music teacher but they may not have realised how talented he is at guitar.  Mr Frost said in life we must avoid making assumptions on limited knowledge and that often we are surprised to find the hidden depths even in people we think we know.  The performance the students witnessed yesterday would have left them in no doubt of Mr Tane's talent.

Mr Tane played  The Usher Waltz by Nakita Koshkin, Gantasia by John Dowland and Seville by Isaac Albinez.  He also played Mr Frost's favourite piece called Classical Gas.

The staff also all look forward to this concert and as many as possible try to make it to hear it and there was an extensive audience in the library to listen.  A fabulous musical interlude in a very busy day in the library.

A cat for Braeden's birthday

Yesterday was Braeden's birthday.  Braeden is in the library every single day for interval and lunchtimes and is a huge reader and extreme BookGang member.  He is particularly keen on John Green and J.K. Rowling having read all of their books over and over.  Yesterday for his birthday the library organised a cat.  Braeden loves cats!  He was delighted.  Unfortunately he couldn't keep the cat because it has another home, although we are not sure where that is.  It is back in the library today sleeping in a sunny spot trying very hard not to be disturbed by hoards of students - this is not going well because everyone thinks it is so cute and needs to be cuddled.


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