Friday, March 1, 2013

Discworld on the iPad

Do you have an iPad?  Well if you do you might be interested in trying out the Discworld App which is freshly available in the iStore.  Familiar characters from the books roam the streets and get up to their Discworly business.  It looks like loads of fun and your librarian will be downloading the app this weekend to have a play with.  Such Fun!
Here is a taster!

Gandalf's Problem Solving Chart

Via the fabulous Kerikeri High School Cover to Cover blog, this is a helpful problem solving chart for Gandalf.  LOTR fans will love it!  And if you want to see the artist in action take some time to watch this TED talk.
If you are a LOTR kind of guy you might also enjoy this one.
Both of these images - and many other very awesome images come from here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Social Studies Quiz - good mayhem in the library

At the end of last week two year 9 classes competed for the Social Studies Shield by competing in the Social Studies Quiz.  The quiz is great fun and highly competitive!  Year 13 students gave assistance by keeping track of the scores and making sure the answers were correct.

In the top photo are the champions:  Tame Govaerts, Oscar Arlidge and Kent Marshall, all from 9Ha
in the photo below are the year 13 assistants making sure everything was above board.


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