Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NCEA and Scholarship Examinations have started

Good luck to all our senior students who are busy working in classrooms in C and B Block here at King's on their NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 examinations, and not forgetting those who are doing Scholarship Exams too! 

If you are looking for help with study there are some easy things you can do:
  • Come to tutorials - these are still being run by teachers and are at times you can easily make them.  This is a great way to add polish to your knowledge, talk through things you are having trouble with and get some extra help prior to your exams.
  • Use Studyit  This page http://www.studyit.org.nz/studyandexam/ will give you really good advice for how to cope with exams, how to organise your study programme and what to look for in your examination questions.  
  • Do some group study with friends doing the same topics.  Students have been using the Williams Room for silent or quiet study and tutorials.  Maybe you should too!  Make sure you choose people who won't distract you and who will help you work not prevent you from working!
Lost your timetable of NCEA exams?  Click here for the official one.

Lester studies in the International Dept Study Room this morning

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