Friday, November 15, 2013

Breathe by Sarah Crossan

Set in a world which has lost almost all its oxygen, the survivors live in a bubble under the protection of Breathe who manufacture the breathable air.  After an event called The Switch, there are no trees, no oceans and only limited amounts of breathable air.  The rebels have been trying to propagate plants in secret hoping that they can establish some kind of life outside the Pods but this is dangerous work and severe punishment would result if they were caught.  There is a rumour that outside the Pod there is a rebel stronghold where trees are growing but this seems too impossible to be true.  Alina, Quinn and Bea set off on a camping trip outside the Pod, they have enough oxygen in their tanks for two days and they hope for a bit of adventure.  What happens to them is scary and dangerous, and they will have to fight for their lives to make it back.  If you have enjoyed books like Tomorrow When The War Began and Divergent you are going to enjoy this book and even if you have read lots of dystopia you will find new ideas in this book.  Highly recommended.

Breathe is exciting and different. 

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