Friday, August 9, 2013

The boys meet Maryanne Scott

On Wednesday this week we were very lucky to have had an author visit the library.  The authors name is Maryanne Scott and she is the author of a fantastic book for young adults called Snakes and Ladders.  It was a finalist in the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards and very deservedly so.  Maryanne spoke to 10EA and 10TG about writing, the process of getting her book published, why she wrote the book and also gave the boys advice which they can use in their creative writing.  She told stories about what influenced her book and why she wrote that particular story and how having teenage boys and watching them take risks was influential in her story. 

Maryanne is obviously used to teenage boys (having four of her own) and she had the students totally engaged in her stories and answered lots of questions from the audience.  It was a really cool opportunity and everyone was queuing for the book after her talk.  I suspect the library will need to buy more copies!

Below is a photo of Maryanne speaking to her audience gathered around the pit in the library.
Author Maryanne Scott having a laugh with our students

The audience listening attentively to Maryanne

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