Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An evening of Doctor Whoness

Last Thursday night the BookMafia (the senior BookGang) organised a great night of entertainment for the BookGang.  Lachlan, Ben and Brin are mad keen Doctor Who fans.  They knew that there would be plenty of other fans in the BookGang, so they decided we would have an evening of fun and watch some episodes of classic Doctor Who and also some modern ones if time allowed.  They made the invitations and sorted out the episodes.  Drink and snacks were provided, enough to ensure a sugar high for the boys - in well established BookGang fashion.  About 25 BookGangers and fans attended and we had an excellent night.  When the Doctor Who action wasn't enough to keep us totally enthralled we had other things going on, cards, gameing, 4 pics one word and plenty of laughs.  They boys bought their Doctor Who gear, which included costumes (cosplay), lighting, body art and screwdrivers!  Many many thanks to Mr Flemming and Mr McPherson who came along for some of the time. 
If you have a good idea for a BookGang event come and chat about it with Ms Schaumann.  All great ideas are welcome.  Below is a photo of those who stayed till the end with Lachlan and Ben at the back - representing BookMafia.

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