Friday, March 22, 2013

Author R.L. Stedman visits the BookGang

On Thursday at BookGang we were really privileged to have the author of the great new fantasy book A Necklace of Souls visit with us at BookGang.  Rachel is the Mum of one of our year 10 students and  has a busy schedule of book promotion and a day job, so we were delighted that she was able to join us for a chat about writing, reading and what it is like to have a book published, and indeed to win a prestigious prize.  The highs the lows and all the rest.  Because the book is so new, only a couple of people in the school have read it, but those people are recommending it very highly.

Rachel answered questions from the boys about the process of writing, about the characters in the book and gave us her thoughts on the kind of heroes and heroines she likes to read about in books.  This was a great topic of discussion and could have gone on for far longer then we had time for.  We talked about how there are recurrent themes in fantasy books, things like talisman in the form of gems which crop up very frequently and how this has been a long tradition.  Rachel also had words of advice for several members of BookGang who are writing their own books at the moment.  The boys asked heaps of questions and answered some of Rachel's, about what they liked to read, the sort of books they would recommend people to read and also about what happens to the stories when books get turned into movies.  We would love a sequel to Rachel's book and the boy's have even seen the manuscript for the second book!

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