Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

Image from Barry Lyga's website

Jasper, known as Jazz, has a terrible disability, a father who is a world famous (infamous) serial killer and a grandmother who is armed with a gun and not afraid to pull the trigger.  Because Jazz has always lived with his father, well until his dad finally got caught by the local police and consequently locked away forever, he has picked up rather a lot of information on the ways of your average serial killer.  He has witnessed lots of things he shouldn't have.  Jazz however is a good guy, not inclined to bad stuff at all and he has a great relationship with the cops especially the Chief of Police.  Jazz is living with his grandma but she is getting very old and losing her mind more than a bit and the social-worker is starting to figure that out.  The last thing Jazz wants is to end up in a foster home, he likes it just fine with grandma.  But then the bodies start to appear.  Jazz knows it isn't his dad who is doing the killing, after all he is safely locked away, but it starts to look suspiciously like Jazz is in the frame for the murders.  Time to give the police investigation a helping hand and hunt for the killer himself! 

This is a great creepy book.  Fans of Criminal Minds will love it.  Jazz is a great character and his best friend Howie and girlfriend Connie are sometimes funny, often really scared and always interesting.  Highly recommended for year 11 up.   Book Trailer for this fantastic book is here.  But it isn't for the faint-hearted!

The Stratos Jump

Millions saw Felix Baumgartner jump from 128,000 feet - or the edge of space.  Here is a Lego take on it!

If you want the actual video you can watch it below.  

A real test of human endurance.  If you like this kind of thing you might be interested in reading some of our biographies or books telling tales of extreme endeavours and magnificent feats, come and see Ms Schaumann for some suggestions.


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