Friday, September 28, 2012

The great New Zealand ShakeOut in the library

On Tuesday this week New Zealand held a national event called The Great New Zealand ShakeOut to educate the population about what to do in an earthquake.  At 9.26am Year 13 Media Studies were in the library completing assignments and on the ringing of the bell everyone dived under the tables and benches joining in with the 1.3 million New Zealanders who took part.  Although it was a light hearted moment it was also a serious thing.  We thought about Christchurch and the tragedy of the earthquake there and also knew that in our country 'the shakey isles' that the threat of an earthquake is never far away. 

Pictured below are Anthony and Lee participating by diving under the benches in the library.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The best of the best YA fiction 2012

Every year the Young Adult Library Services Association (USA)  issues a challenge to young people in the USA to choose the best books of the year.  Because the books are picked by teenagers they are pretty much guaranteed to work for teenagers the world over.  This year the list has a heap of books which are already being appreciated in the King's High Library.

The complete list of this years finalists is here.  Below are the ones from the list currently in the library or which will shortly be available.

Set in 2083 against a background of shortages, droughts and governments who have outlawed chocolate and coffee.  Anya tries to tread the fine line of managing her life, a life where she has so many responsibilities and is keen on the 'wrong' guy.

When you are 16 you get to choose your tribe.  What happens when you decide to go against the way you have been brought up and you choose the tribe with the way of life which is the complete opposite of everyone you know and you must learn everything from scratch?  This book is really exciting, compelling and really popular at King's.  Insurgent the sequel is also in the library.  You'll have to reserve this book to get hold of one of the three copies we have.

When your family has nothing, will you take to crime to help them survive?  Day is on the run, the police believe he is a master criminal and set their best soldier to the task of bringing him down.   

Two teenagers with cancer, yes, it's really sad, and it shouldn't be funny at all, it shouldn't have great moments of teenage happiness in it, but it does.  These characters will break your heart but make you feel like you want to read all about them all over again when you've finished.  Another fabulous novel by John Green, the writer who can do no wrong when it comes to writing for teenagers of all descriptions.  Read this book!

An electromagnetic pulse destroys much of the world's technology, and turns a bunch of the inhabitants into zombie like creatures.  The boys who've read this book have found it pretty grim, good, but grim.  Try it out, see what you think.  It is the first book in a trilogy.

This novel is the story of a grandson trying to find the truth about his grandfather.  In an effort to investigate the mysteries of his grandfathers youth Jacob and his Dad go to a remote island off the coast of Britain, Jacob finds the extremely odd place where the stories of his childhood, which he always thought were made up, appear to be based in truth.  Weirdly wonderful.

Every night Connor wakes with a nightmare.  A nightmare which seems to be real.  A monster is coming into his room, but it is not a monster with evil on it's mind it is a monster who will help him to heal.  Who will help him to confront the truth.  A beautiful sad book with inspiring art work.  A book to treasure.

Some of our boys have read most of these titles already or are waiting patiently to get hold of them.  If you are looking for an excellent read, all or any of the above books would make a great choice.


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