Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brotherband: The Invaders by John Flanagan

Reviewed by John Burke (Year 9) as part of the 50 Book Challenge
This is the second book in the Brotherband series, they are action adventure books about a group of people living in viking times.  In the first book we have learned how the boys have struggled to survive the thee months of trials at sea, weapon training, survival competitions and fighting teams of other recruits to become part of the Brotherband.  They can then defend their territory and fight priates and bring back precious cargo.  To get the grasp of the series you should start with the first book and read them in order. 

Hal and his bunch of friends are a Brotherband, sailing after Zarvac and his crew of pirates who have stolen something very important, and they need to get it back to retain their honour.  If they don't get it back they will be forever outcasts in their village.  To do this they even have to lay seige to a town.

This book has got action, adventure, battles and even a little bit of humour and I liked everything about it. 


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