Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BookGang guest speaker Joan MacKenzie from Whitcoulls

Today at BookGang we were very privileged to have Joan MacKenzie come and visit us.  Joan is the person who chooses and buys the books for Whitcoulls in New Zealand.  This is a huge job, Whitcoulls are one of the biggest sellers of books in NZ and they have stores all over the country.  Joan gets to choose what they stock from all the thousands and thousands of books which are offered by publishers.  What an awesome job!  Joan spoke to the BookGang about e-books, about how she chooses the books which are stocked in the shops, she asked the boys about things they would like to change in the shops, and told us heaps of other interesting things about the book publishing and retail industry.  She then spent some time in the library looking at the sorts of things which are bought for our students and asking about the things the students like to read.

Joan also spoke about new books which BookGangers are waiting anxiously for, the new Cherub book, the new Charlie Higgson book and the new J.K. Rowling book.  The boys crowded around and were really excitedly noisy wanting information on all these!

Really really excitingly, she donated a lovely selection of books to the library which we are incredibly grateful for.

Below are some photos of Joan speaking with the BookGang and we thank her very gratefully for the opportunity to have her come to our school.
Joan speaks with our boys

BookGang listening to Joan speak


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