Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thinking about your online life

This cute video has a great message for everyone, not just teenagers who are all over Facebook but also older folk new to social networking.  Being safe and sensible online is important for everyone in the world today.

One thing not mentioned in the video but which is really important to our students, is the message not to share your password with anybody else, and don't make it too easy to figure out. Above all be sensible!

Peer Readers meet the Highlanders

This morning, as we usually do on a Wednesday morning, we had Peer Reading in the library.  This means that a group of those Year 9 students who find reading and understanding what they read challenging work with Year 12 and 13 students to try and make it easier.  We have been running this programme for several years now and not only does it help our students get better with reading, it also makes for some great friendships between the junior and senior students. 

Today was a special day though because two of the winning Highlanders Super 14 players, Phil Burleigh and Mike Delany, visited King's Peer Reading and helped too.  Here are some photos!
Zac and Josh with Highlander Mike Delany
Sam and Jessie with Highlander Phil Burleigh

A group photo of all our Peer Readers with the visiting Highlanders.


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