Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So this is how they do it!

Ever wondered what goes into the process of producing a lovely hard-covered book?  Wonder no more here is a little video to show you how it works.  While I am a fan of e-books I think it would be such a shame to lose the custom made book made by small presses like this.  What do you think?
It came to me from Flavourwire and Cover to Cover

Thanks very much Rotary!

Pictured above are Year 13 students Nathaniel Moss and Nick Brown with Ms Schaumann (who seems to have become a taller person!) with the fantastic Dorling Kindersley books which Rotary recently donated to our school library.  They were donated as a presentation to those who took part in their speech competition.  Both Nathaniel and Nick took part in the competition and while they weren't the winners of the competition we certainly feel like they were winners because of the wonderful books we received.  These books are perfect for topics being studied across the school right now and teachers have been flocking to look at them so that they can recommend that students come and look too.  Thanks very much Rotary Dunedin!


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