Monday, February 27, 2012

Brotherband, The Outcasts by John Flanagan

The Rangers Apprentice series has been very popular for a long time here at King's, and it is often hard to get your hands on some of the books in the series even though we have several copies of each of the books.  Now the author of that series has a new book out and it is the beginning of a new series which I expect will also be popular here.  It is the Brotherband series. The first book is called The Outcasts.

The story is set in a period which feels Viking - ish, in a place called Skandia. this is the story of Hal and his crew as they start on their journey to become warriors.  A crew made up of the outcasts of the group of young men who have come of age and must learn the ways of the sea, prove their strength and seamanship and learn the tactics of battle.  Nobody wants these guys on their team, and so they band together and prove that sometimes the weakest can be the strongest.  Hal is their reluctant leader, he has been rejected in his village because of his family and he has been mentored by a man who comes with a reputation that is not good, but Hal is a strong if unwilling leader who can lead his men to sail and hunt and manage themselves and prove their worth in the end. There will be problems, there will be lots of challenges and they will have to fight against those who have resentment against them. This is a great adventure, full of battles, pirates and legends. 


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