Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks King's High School's Student Council

The library has been delighted to receive a significant donation from the students on the School Council.  The money, which was raised during the annual Workday, where students go out and work for a fee which is then donated to school for the benefit of the students themselves, has been spent, and the books have arrived.  There is a mad rush on now to get the books cataloged and ready so that students have access to them. The books purchased are mainly fiction and they have been focused on providing texts which will extend readers at every level of the school.  There are also lots of replacements for books which get very heavy usage.

In the photo you can see Porourangi Templeton and Adam Faatoese leaders of the Student Council with some of the books in the library workroom, giving a hand with stamping and taping the books. Thanks very much guys, your donation is really awesome!

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