Monday, November 19, 2012

Itch by Simon Mayo

Mad about science?  So is Itch, real name Itchingham Lofte.  He is a a collector of the elements of the Periodic Table.  He is after a complete set and will do whatever it takes to get hold of the elements missing from his collection.  Of course he realises that some of these elements are dangerous, but that doesn't really bother him.  His Mother is used to him blowing holes in the shed, breaking windows with explosions and all manner of other annoying behavior. When he is given a very unusual rock by an elderly man who sometimes helps him get elements to add to his collection other people become very interested.  And not interested for any good reasons.  Sinister men are chasing Itch and he isn't sure why, but it does seem to be connected to his new elements.  Even his science teacher at school seems to have turned nasty and is far too interested. 

This book is full of excitement and adventure.  Itch is a great character and while his quest is a bit unusual there is action all the way as he and his friends try to protect the dangerous rocks and at the same time find out exactly why the rocks are so valuable to all the people who are after them.  Watch the video below for a taste of the book.  See an interview with the author here.  He reads an extract from the book here, the sound is awful though you'll need to turn up your volume.  And download the app which makes the front cover of the book come 'alive'. 

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