Monday, August 13, 2012

V For Vendetta by Allan Moore and David Lloyd

Reviewed by Charlie Davis (Year 12)
The year is 1997, the date November 5th and Evey Hammond is in the clutches of England’s secret police known as Fingermen. Who will save her from the terrible fate that has come to many other young girls on the streets of London? In swoops in V, a man in a cloak and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Killing most of the Fingermen, V takes Evey to the roof of a near by building to show step one of his plan, the destruction of parliament. After detonating the bomb V takes Evey to his home which he calls “The Shadow Gallery.”

Let’s take a few steps back, this is not the 1997 London that we all know, Moore brings forward a post-apocalyptic dystopian world that has been brought to its knees. After a nuclear war in the late 1980’s what left most of the world in ruin, England falls into the hands of a fascist government party called Norsefire. Norsefire gained power by throwing its enemies in concentration camps and exterminating them. 

V, a former prisoner of Norsefire, is a masked anarchist whose plan it is to systematically wipe out the members of Norsefire and free the people. In captivity V was one of 48 prisoners injected with a chemical called batch 5. He was the only survivor and the chemical caused a cellular mutation leaving him with superhuman strength, reflexes and pain barrier.

I loved this graphic novel, not only is the story incredibly entertaining but very thought provoking and is coupled with brilliant art work. Moore, an anarchist, put many of his own ideals into V and is very good at making a graphic novel relevant. V for Vendetta is very well written but I think if it was just a novel it would not be as good, the illustrations bring more to the story than a graphic novel usually does.

At the end of the book everyone will have one of two opinions; either V was right, or completely insane. I personally agree with V, but I know many people who don’t.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of graphic novels as this is one of the greats. I would also recommend this to anyone who likes a heavily political read or a fan of Moore’s other works like Watchmen or From Hell.

Rating:  4 ½ stars (I would give the movie 4 stars)

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