Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones

Looking for a really good crime novel?  Then Blink & Caution might be your next read.  It is one of those books which hooks you right at the beginning and you will just have to keep on reading to find out what will happen to the characters. If you have enjoyed I Am The Messenger by Marcus Zusak or you want a novel with lots of action which will make you think, then this is the book for you.
Blink is a guy who is living on the street, his Mum has a new partner who beats Blink up and is sarcastic and nasty to him.  Blink has had enough and has taken off and has been living rough for a while now.  He has a system for getting breakfast, he stole some clothes from a rich teenager and he wears these into swanky hotels and eats food from the trays waiting to be cleared from outside the rooms.  While doing this one day he witnesses some very strange behavior.  It seems that a guy has set himself up to look like he has been kidnapped.

After a series of  events Blink meets Caution. Caution has become involved with some very dodgy guys, then stolen quite a large sum of money from them and now they are after her and she is on the run.  Caution is a tough girl, she is street-wise and fairly angry.  She has plenty of issues of her own, not the least of these is that she has killed someone and is dealing with all the guilt and trauma of that. 

These two damaged and lonely people meet in the midst of a crime and are forced into a partnership through the circumstances they find themselves in.  Blink and Caution will win you over with their  warmheartedness in the midst of a terrible situation.  They are sometimes funny, sometimes angry and at all times very tense.  It is a great story, really pacey, and had me flicking the pages really quickly to get through the story.

Recommended very highly! Book Trailer from the publisher below.

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