Thursday, March 29, 2012

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Green

This is a story told by Budo, he is the imaginary friend of a boy called Max.  Budo has been alive for five years from the time when Max first thought him up.  Max is the only human person who can see Budo but all the other imaginary friends can see him, and Budo has made friends with them.  Max has some learning difficulties and he sees the world differently to other children, this means that Max has special classes to go to where he learns differently to the other children at school. 

Budo goes everywhere with Max, but he can also go other places without him.  He hangs out at the local gas station at night when everyone is asleep, he checks out other places in the neighbourhood such as the hospital, he checks out other classrooms at school when Max is learning things and while he is in these places he befriends the imaginary friends of other people.  But what happens to imaginary friends when the child they belong to stops believing in them? 

Max is in danger.  Budo is the only person who knows that he needs help and is the only person who can save him.  But when you can't move objects or be seen by anybody else this is a huge problem. Budo needs help to help Max.

This is a book to remember, a book with touches of The Curious Incident in the Night-time, Broken and Room.  Recommended for everyone who wants a great story with a very quirky twist.  I found myself often smiling as I read it and then desperately hoping Budo could save Max which made me really anxious.  Great read for everyone, staff and students!


  1. Happy to hear you enjoyed my book! Thanks so much for taking the time to post. As an elementary school teacher, hearing that a student liked the book means a lot. Much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for commenting Matthew, I'm recommending your book all over the place! It is such a great story, one which really stays with you. Looking forward to your next book!


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