Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Prince Of Soul And The Lighthouse by Fredrik Brouneus

It is great to get a local book in the library.  When I say local I mean set in Dunedin and our local area.  It doesn't happen very often and so I was excited when I realised just after starting this book that it was written by a guy who lives in Dunedin. 

The book is an adventure book it involves George, who is 18, and whose life had seemed pretty ordinary up until his Grandad died.  George is very keen on a Finnish exchange student who he plays music with, and would love to be more deeply involved with, but that doesn't seem to be happening.  George starts having the weirdest dreams, his Grandad seems to be 'undead' turning up in George's room at night demanding coffee and then talking George into heading out in his ute on a quest in the middle of the night.  It all seems a bit weird and George is quickly over it.  But, all of a sudden a Tibetan monk turns up and George is informed it is his job to save the world!  This is when the adventure begins. 

It is a very complicated quest George is involved in.  He, along with his Grandad, the monk, the Finnish Exchange student will drive all over the south of the South Island on a special mission which if they do it right will mean that the world will be saved.  It is a complex task, George spends a lot of time talking to himself trying to make sense of his mission and the conversations between he and his very stretched brain are very funny.  Along the way there will be evil doings, kidnappings, gunfights, and the discovery that everything is not as it seems, actually nothing is what it seems. 

You are going to like this book if you like a mind bending adventure mixed with some humour and some philosophy thrown in for good measure. Fans of Terry Pratchett and Jim Butcher should definitely give it a go.  There is a website with a downloadable chapter here

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