Tuesday, February 7, 2012

James May's Man Lab - the book of usefulness

Regular library users at King's High School know already about your librarian's 'thing' for Mr James May.  You already know that Ms Schaumann has a 'thing' about his shirts, his hair styles and his general all round awesomeness.  Well, just imagine how excited I was when I visited a bookshop recently on a buying expedition and discovered a new gem from the lovely James. 

James May's Man Lab is exactly what it says it is, a book of usefulness.  In this book, which goes with the TV series of the same name you will find instructions on how to do all kinds of really useful things, not just to make your Man Lab perfect but which will make you indispensable around the house.  You will discover how to:
  • Sketch someone's portrait
  • Use man tools such as the hammer and the chisel correctly
  • How to replace a pane of glass - handy for cricketers!
  • How to break out of prison
  • How to wire a plug - but only if you live in England not a useful chapter if you live in NZ
  • How to repair your bike
  • How to remember people's names
  • How to get stuck items out of a vending machine
  • How to serenade someone you like
And so much more.  As you can see, a very useful book.  I read this book over the weekend and really enjoyed the funny stuff (James May is really really funny), and the little snippets of information you get alongside the practical instructions in the book.  If you have enjoyed the TV show, and you are a fan of getting things done about the place, then you might just really enjoy this book.  If you do, you could also read his book How To Land An A330 Airbus which is also in the library.

Below is a trailer for the TV series, the book is a tie in, if you like what you see below, you will like the book!

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