Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Bridge by Jane Higgins

In the opening scenes of this book Nik is awaiting the decision which will determine his future.  He has been trained all through his school life with one goal in mind, to make it to ISIS, the security force which control the part of the city he lives in.  It is a city divided by a river, with bridges which are closely guarded.  Nik's side of the city is the side of the educated, the well-fed and it's residents have access to everything they need.  Over the bridge, on the other side of the river the people live in squalor and they lack for almost everything, they are angry, restless and ready to rebel at any moment.  ISIS keeps close control on the North side, they run the show.  When Nik isn't picked for ISIS, no reasons are given and before he can find out why his school is bombed, people he is close to die, and the people from the Southside look like they have become organised enough to become a major threat.  His friends are not treating him the same way anymore and so Nik is now on the run, desperate for information, to find a small boy and an identity.  His friend Fyffe is going with him as they search for her brother.  They are going over the bridge and into danger, if caught who knows what will happen to them.

This book is exciting, it is scary and creepy and it twists and turns and doesn't let you out of it's grip.  A brilliant read for all secondary students it will keep you guessing as you try to figure out the allegiances of the characters.  This book won the Text prize and that is a bigger recommendation than I could give it, the author is a New Zealand author and this book deserves to be widely read.  Highly recommended for everyone but especially those who love dystopian novels.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye cookies

Micah, regular contributor to this blog, marvellous reader of books, BookGang assistant, Library assistant, helper of many with computer problems, music suggester to Ms Schaumann, fellow lover of John Green, drummer extraordinare, singer, songwriter and guitarist of promise, blogger and friend to many at King's High School, made the cookies above to say goodbye. He leaves at the end of Year 13 to begin new ventures at Otago University next year.  He will be missed.  His baking will also be missed especially his Giant Cookies! 


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