Friday, November 11, 2011

Help with NCEA study

Level 1, 2 and 3 students who are working at home or in the library, and who have questions relating to their courses (almost any subject) should go and check out Studyit.  This online resource is manned by teachers of every subject who can answer your questions.  It is great for those times when you think of a question and need the answer quickly, you can post your question onto one of the forums and have the answer really quickly.  There are lots of people online all the time during exam time and it is a great place to go and find questions other students have posted which will help you in your study too, you never know it might just be the extra helping which takes you to excellence in an exam question.

Student helpers are awesome!

The photo above is of Cameron and Oscar.  This photo is a rare thing, they do not appreciate the camera being used near them as they are shy by nature.  These guys have been the stalwarts of the issues desk during lunchtimes and interval all this year.  They are unsung heroes of the library.  They are here in the library before any other students every day, they man the desk and have become very adept at managing the circulation.  There is always a good supply of car magazines and Guinness Books of Records (and they constantly beg for new computer magazines) which they keep behind the desk. 

Cameron and Oscar both received Service to the library awards this year and next year will be 'badged up' members of the Library Assistant team.  Thanks so much for your help this year boys!


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