Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We've got QR codes in our library!

Morgan and Scott check out a QR Code on Scott's Smartphone
For a couple of months we have had small black and white square codes appearing in various places in and around the library. 

You can see a couple of codes along the sidebar of this blog. They are a small barcode (just like we use on the back of our books to scan them in and out of the library when issuing and returning) and if you scan them with a scanner app, from your smartphone you will be taken online to a website, a video link, an interview with the author or a resource which gives you some added content or which might be useful to you as the reader. 

The barcodes sit on quite a few of the shelves and often you can find them in front of very popular series such as The Hunger Games or The Rangers Apprentice series.  You can also find the codes on the bench in front of the computers in the library with a code which takes you to the Epic Databases or to this blog.  As time goes on you will find more and more of these little codes, or ones just like them on posters and displays all around you, not just in the library as businesses use them to take you to websites they want you to see. 

QR codes are cool, they are interesting, easy to make and a little bit of fun.  Come in and try them out!

I've written a little bit more about them on this blog

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reasons for occupy Wall St and other protests

Have you been watching the news recently and seen lots of people sitting in protest in various locations throughout the world?  Have you been wondering what it is all about?  Why the people are protesting?  Information is Beautiful have made a video to explain why and it is embedded below.  This video is from the American perspective.

and so to get a more global look I have put another video from John Clarke and Brian Dawe which looks at the situation from a different angle.


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