Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Double-Edged Sword by Sarah Silverwood

Book One of The Nowhere Chronicles

"Sixteen's an interesting age.  Not quite a fully grown man, but not a kid either.  Anything's possible when you're sixteen."

Finmere was an abandoned baby, left on the steps of the famous Old Bailey court in London.  Now he is sixteen and has had an interesting childhood being sent to schools as a boarder since he was small but not just one school but two alternating schools.  He is overseen by Judge Harlequin Brown, his guardian, and an intimidating figure and also the elderly and very eccentric gentlemen of Orrery House.  Finn knows this his upbringing is unusual, but things are about to get far more unusual!  The Judge is murdered on Finn's sixteenth birthday just moments after he was in the room,  Finn is now in danger and is commissioned by the Gentlemen of Orrery House to set things right. 

Finn will meet very odd types, travel into a parallel London and ultimately have to save the world, by entering the world of the Knights of Nowhere, handling some very large swords with very special powers and attempting to save the Storyholder who is the key to everything.  There is plenty going on in this story, action, adventure and a good deal of magic.  If you are a fan of fantasy where the characters get things done, you will enjoy this book.  It is the first book in a new series and I'm fairly sure they will be popular with the boys.  Finn is a great guy, his friends are interesting and there is plenty to get your teeth into.  Try it, it's going to BookGang next week!


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