Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bone Tiki by David Hair

This book has been doing the rounds of our staff room ever since it arrived and several of our teachers have really enjoyed it.  We finally have a copy back in the library and I thought I would introduce it on here.  I should also say that the students who have read it have really enjoyed it.  This is a New Zealand book and it has a story which is gripping and exciting and kept me reading all day until I had finished it.

It is the story of Matiu Douglas, and his full on adventure as he tries to out run the bad guys who are chasing him, but more importantly they are trying to get their hands on the tiki he stole from a family tangi.  He doesn't even really know why he stole it, but now he is on the run and he is scared because the people chasing him are downright nasty. 

The story dips into Maori mythology, there are cool warriors, car chases, nasty creatures and interesting girls along the way.  This is a great book and I am waiting for this book to be as popular as the Tomorrow series and the Charlie Higson books which are doing such big business here in the library.  There are two copies of it, plus two more books in the series, The Taniwha's Tear and The Lost Tohunga.  Highly recommended.


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