Friday, July 1, 2011

Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Reviewed by Anthony Tep (Year 10)

This book is about a kid called Michael.  He loves his family even though they are really poor.  They wat to travel the world so his Dad goes out and buys a boat.  They travel to many places but Michale falls overboard. Then he gets washed up on an uninhabited island - or is it?

The main characters in this story are Kensuke and Michael.  Kensuke is a small Asian man who is very skilled.  He proves that he can look after himself.  He likes to fish and look after his animal friends.  Then theres Michael, he is a normal kid who loves soccer.  He will try anything but does not know how to look after himself.

A big conflict occurred when Michael called for help, and then the poachers come - it gets dangerous and they have to defend their island.  After this Kensuke did not talk to him for a week. 

I thought this story was really well written.  It was filled with action and lots of drama.  The setting was really well described and the story was put together well.  It was interesting to know that the reason the author wrote the story is because it actually happened to him.  He basically wrote a recount of what happened to him when he fell off a boat and that is why he could be so descriptive.


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