Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Radleys by Matt Haig

This is a book which isn't what it seems.  I was really surprised at the story, I thought I was reading one kind of book, a crime novel with a twist I thought when I read the blurb on the back but it turns out to be quite something else.  I put it down completed at the end of the day and sighed a happy, satisfied puff of happiness.

The Radley’s is the story of a seemingly ordinary suburban family, it is only subtle hints which most people wouldn’t pick up on which suggest that there is something a little odd about them.  Their poor teenage son is mercilessly bullied at school, their daughter is obsessed with the antivivisectionist league, Dad is a slightly distracted doctor and Mum is a sensible worried woman.  

One night the daughter of the family comes under threat and all hell breaks loose, their family peace is shattered and terrible truths must be revealed.  Their dodgy uncle is called in to help sort out the problem, and he ends up causing more than a few himself.  Family loyalty is tested and all kinds or weirdness begins. 

If I write here that this is a vampire novel you won’t read it, so I won’t say that.  Lets say it’s the vampire book you read when you don’t want to read a vampire book!

This novel is funny, clever and a lighthearted read about a family with a serious problem, a wayward uncle and plenty to deal with when trouble comes to call.  I really enjoyed it and loved it’s little quirks. It will appeal to boys who want a great fast paced funny read and who are allergic to the Twilight type of vampire.  The staff will also love it.

Book trailer is below.


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