Friday, April 15, 2011

No eating in the library!

Meet Patrick.  Patrick is a newly appointed Assistant Librarian.  Assisting is something Patrick does very well.  He helps issue books, he carefully removes all the Top Gear magazines from the magazine rack to keep behind the desk and to protect others from their content (this has nothing to do with Patrick's Top Gear obsession) you can see him organising his stash in the photo, he recommends great books to students all the time, is an awesome member of the BookGang and is very well read.  Patrick prefers to do his homework behind the issues desk where everyone can see his fantastic artwork - he is really very good.

Patrick however, has a big problem! Patrick cannot help himself and he 'needs' to eat when he 'needs' to eat.  This includes in the library, where of course no eating or chewing is allowed due to the propensity of our students to leave their sandwiches as surprises for Ms Schaumann in the shelves and wrappers stuffed into any available crevice. 

We are working on this problem of Patrick's and he is trying to do better, but sometimes the urge just overtakes him and food - apparently of it's own accord - travels with him into the library and he will be happily munching away on it in front of all the other users.  Poor Patrick!

Despite this terrible problem Patrick is an awesome member of the King's High Student Librarian Team.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ali's book of tall tales by Ali Williams with James Griffin

or Ali's random thoughts from the second row!

Reviewed by Alex McLeod (Year 9) as part of the 50 Book Challenge

This is a semi-biography about All Black Ali Williams, written while he was on the injury bench with a hamstring injury throughout the 2009 season.  It is spread out randomly throughout the book and is hilarious!

The hilarious side of it is superb.  He also has some really good yarns including the time he waved to Mariah Carey in a Paris nightclub in 2002.

The only bits I thought were a bit boring were the warnings of the book!

I think it would be a great book for anybody who wants a good laugh, who has an interest in rugby, and who wants to know what it would be like to be an All Black.

The Wish List by Eoin Colfer

Reviewed by Nathan Adam (Year 9) as part of the 50 Book Challenge

The wish list is by Eoin Colfer who writes the Artemis Fowl series.  This book is not part of that series and is a separate book about a girl called Meg, who dies while in the midst of a crime.  Her soul becomes separated and things get a bit messy.  She gets sent back to earth to complete the wish list of the old man whose life she ruined.  If she completes the wishlist it will determine whether she gets to go to heaven or hell. 

It doesn't help that Meg isn't exactly an angel and the old man she is supposed to be helping doesn't exactly trust her.  Both heaven, and hell are competing for Meg's soul, and are trying lots of sneaky tricks to get her!  It is really funny, there is lots of action and I thought it was a great book and I highly recommend it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cell by Stephen King

Reviewed by Oscar Lovelock (Year 9) as part of the 50 Book Challenge

This is a story of a cell phone holocaust.  A man becomes separated from his son and he searches for him while trying to stay alive in a sea of zombies who are out to get him and anybody else who has not been affected by the virus which is in cell phones.  When you answer a call on your phone it infects you.  A lot of zombies are harmed in the book!
I really liked the way it is realistic, the way that people don't just survive everything, but what I didn't like was the ending, the author doesn't say what actually happened to the son, you are supposed to guess.

I thought this was an amazing book - my favourite so far!

Here is a book trailer for this book.


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