Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kite Identity by Harry Edge

Reviewed by Brin Norton-Poole (Year 9) as part of the 50 Book Challenge

This is the first book in a new series.  Megan Kite is being hunted by assassins after her father, Jack Kite, owner of Kite Industries was shot down in a helicopter crash.  Her half brother, Luke's home has been blown up, bad things are happening all over the place.  Luke goes to stay with friends and then finds out his sister has been killed.  He is then arrested for murder.

This book is really fast paced.  I read it in a night.  It is a little bit confusing but then I understood a bit later what it was about.  I forgot to mention that the Kites are really really rich.  Megan is meant to be dead, but isn't.  There are lots of family connections and lots of danger.  It is exciting and quite good.


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