Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sympathy for Christchurch

Yesterday Christchurch city was the victim of a devastating aftershock from the earthquake last September, which has severely damaged the buildings, the infrastructure and the homes and livelihoods of the residents. People have died and are suffering all kinds of losses.

New Zealand is also known as 'the shakey isles' for very good reasons. We have very active geology beneath us and this terrible event could have happened almost anywhere in our country.

We send sympathy and kind thoughts to the citizens of Christchurch, we are so sorry for your losses of life and also the total destruction you are now living amongst.

For more information on the earthquake you can go to the Geonet site which will give you up to date information on the size and location of earthquakes in New Zealand as they occur.

More information is available on the What you need to know page on Stuff. On there you can see where to donate to help the victims and how you can offer help.

Christchurch you are in our thoughts.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A small silly moment

Mr Greenfield and Mr Hand have been cleaning out the server room next to the library, heaps of boxes and old computer parts have been removed, giving the perfect opportunity for creative types to find treasures in the boxes. This included the packaging used to keep data projectors stable in their boxes. Before school the other day Cameron, Diego and Ms Schaumann discovered that the packaging made fabulous hats!


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