Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs speaks to students about life and death

The man who was responsible, more than any other for how we use computers today has died, the founder of Apple computers and one of your librarians personal heroes as a true Apple geek, Steve Jobs died after a short but very interesting life. 

Below is a video from 2005 where he is addressing a graduating year of Stanford students.  The video is full of great moments, especially when he talks about the serendipitous moment when he accidentally attended a lecture which lead to the look of the fonts we use today on computers.  He also talks about what happened to him after Apple fired him how amazing things came from a really terrible situation.  He developed new companies and tried new things including Pixar studios which have made so many digital movies.  Watch him giving this address to students from Stanford.  He talks about loving what you do, doing what you love and not settling.  It is 14 minutes very well spent.

And here he is in 1984 demonstrating the very first Macintosh computer (your librarian had one of these, very cutting edge!)

If you'd like more videos and more information about his life have a look at this article from Stuff.

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