Friday, September 30, 2011

"Miss there's a shark in the library"

Shark browsing for books!
Photos from the other day when Mr Greenfield bought his birthday present to school.  His Mother loves him very much and bought him a remote controlled shark for his birthday. He does duty in the library at lunchtime and is usually found at The Last Card League table but not this day.

It isn't every day you have a shark 'swimming' between the shelves and harassing the teachers!  There was a lot of humming of the theme from the movie Jaws, there was the occasional student who didn't see or hear it coming and who looked up and got a huge fright, and there was much hilarity.  Oh how we laughed!

It could even be turned into a science lesson.  You could see the different thermodynamics and temperature changes as the shark 'swam' from place to place, you could see how the weight altered direction and diving.  It was pretty awesome!
Ms Harford attempts to speak shark

Lets see if we can creep up on them
Miss, there's a shark in the pit!

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