Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flip by Martyn Bedford

Alex is just an ordinary high school aged guy with an ordinary family and life is just flowing along in an ordinary way, when suddenly the unthinkable happens.  He wakes up one morning in someone else's body, in someone elses house, with someone else's family and is expected to fit into someone else's life.  What the heck has happened to him?  He has no memory of anything unusual happening and can't believe this terrible thing.  How could he have become another boy?  Who is he?  Why are these people calling him Philip (Flip is his nickname).  He isn't even in the same town he lives in.  It is all just totally freaky.  And where is the real Philip? He is on a mission to find out all this but most of all to get back to being Alex again.

Flip is a great book with an intriguing concept, it will keep you turning the pages quickly all the way through.  Alex is a great character with plenty of guts and I really liked him.  This book has plenty of excitement and I was hooked from the first page.  Great if you want an unusual story with plenty of people you can really relate to. 

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