Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Steampunk Rocks!!

This is a photo of our Steampunk display.  Since this photo was taken lots more books have come and gone from the display, every time I buy a new book of this genre and put it in the cabinet it is loaned almost immediately.  

What is Steampunk? this definition is from the League of Victorian Imagineers based in Oamaru

Steampunk is “tomorrow as it used to be”, fantasy. The “punk” in steampunk is a rebellion against the present day preference for plastic and the disposable way of life. For many it is a search for where society might have taken the wrong turn at the end of the Victorian era.
The punk era of the late 1970's and early 1980's gave rise to a group of science fiction authors who set their plots in the Victorian world.“Steampunk” was coined to define their type of sci-fi. It is set in a world where steam was the primary source of power, where everything was considered possible and expantion was the norm. Empires were built, new areas of the world taken over and why not go into space? – but at what cost to society? Significant influences were H.G. Wells and his time machine, Jules Verne and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Alan Moore's super heros in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Steampunk is very popular here at King's and even those of a sceptical nature are enjoying lots of the books.  A new book in our collection is The Steampunk Bible by Jeff Vandermeer.  This is a beautifully produced book which is subtitled An illustrated guide to the world of imaginary airships, corsets and goggles, mad scientists and strange literature.  It is full of cool illustrations, diagrams, explanations, author profiles, fashion suggestions, definitions and pretty much anything you can think of Steampunk.  It is heartily and lustily recommended to all Steampunk fans for your perusal!

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