Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seasprite visits King's High

At King's your librarian is not just your librarian, your librarian is also the careers advisor.  In this role I get to do all kinds of fun things like:  talk to you in class about the subjects you need for various courses and careers, talk to your parents about the same things, tell you about scholarships, bring in speakers to school, talk in assembly, interview you to help you make decisions, help you make a cv, give you lots of information about lots of different job and career information and all manner of other things.  Sometimes there is something very cool that happens as part of my role as careers advisor, and that is something like bringing a helicopter to school.  Or, more correctly arranging for the Navy to bring a helicopter to school.

Today the Navy bought a seasprite helicopter to King's,  it is rather large.  The crew spoke to the students about their life in the navy, about the helicopter, about the kinds of weapons they use, what their day is like when hunting pirates or naughty people fishing where they shouldn't be.  Here are some photos of the boys (and some of the staff) all watching the helicopter land and then talking to the crew.  It was pretty cool!

Sorry there are some 'issues' with the photos, they will not load from picassa today.  Further attempts will be made soon.  :(

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