Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Reviewed by Ben Duyvesteyn (year 10)

Books like this are a rare find.  The characters are multi-faceted and so life like.  For this book to be a success, John Green had to portray how teens (from 16 and up) would behave with little or no adult supervision.  And HE NAILED IT!

The protagonist Miles 'Pudge' Halter has a meaningless and boring life.  However this all changes when he goes to 'Culver Creek' boarding school.  There he meets Alaska Young, 'Clever, funny, screwed-up and dead sexy'.  (Quoted from the blurb.)  He falls in love with her, and as one of his friends said "Its hard not to", Pudge is room sharing with 'The Colonel', and soon becomes involved in extra curricular' (rule breaking), activities.

There is a vibe of disrespect for elders, The Colonel, Lara Takumi and Alaska expose Miles to cigarettes, alcohol and GIRLS!  Lara is Miles girlfriend, but 'Pudge' is more interested in Alaska.  But isn't everyone? All of the boys The Colonel, Takumi and Pudge all seem to revolve around Alaska.  She plays mind games and keeps secrets from each one that could end friendships between everyone.

Looking for Alaska covers all the aspects of teen life, sex, drugs and rebellion.  It has all the controversial themes of teenage life and it deals with teen love and grief, this is the formula for an excellent teen novel.  When you read this, you will realise that Alaska lives in all of us.

The final words via
"How will I ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering" Alaska says at one point.  I think you should always remember there is a way out, and don't drive drunk!

So, When are you going to read it?

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